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“Let It Bleed”

AntiDye helps minimize the redeposition of dyes on expensive investment quality rugs.


The best solution for cleaning natural fiber rugs and upholstery – gentle, safe and does not leave soil-attracting residues.

Triple D

Triple Deodorizing Shampoo Three separate deodorizing ingredients work to remove all types of odor – a very good cleaner and a great deodorizer.

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Here are a few tips from Cameron Mayville, things to consider when choosing a course and instructors.


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Looking for the Chem Max® equivalent to some of the more popular MasterBlend® products? Check out our handy conversion list. Please call us with any questions!

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Wilton Rugs

Wilton Rugs    Cautions: Always inspect and pretest. Document and photograph. Note all pre-existing damage. Check for yellowing and browning. Look for jute in backing as it will likely brown when cleaned. Hems tend to come unglued at each end. Quote repair cost...

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Animal Skins

ANIMAL SKINS Cautions: Always inspect and pretest. Note all pre-existing damage. Document and photograph existing conditions. Check if the animal hair is rotten. If the hair is rotten, it will come off the skin when agitated. Is the skin stiff, dry, stained and or...

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Rayon / Viscose Rugs

RAYON/VISCOSE RUGS   Cautions: 1. Test and inspect rug. Complete pre-inspection form and photograph rug. Note all pre-Existing conditions, including: 2. Look for yarn slippage. 3. Document texture issues. 4. Look for yellowing and other discolorations. 5. Test...

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