1. Test and inspect rug. Complete pre-inspection form and photograph rug. Note all
pre-Existing conditions, including:

2. Look for yarn slippage.

3. Document texture issues.

4. Look for yellowing and other discolorations.

5. Test for bleeding and crocking.

6. These rugs often become stiff and change texture if not washed with proper chemistry
and procedures.

7. Avoid any aggressive dusting. Do NOT air dust.

8. Must have customer sign a release of liability waiver before washing.


Cleaning procedures:


  1. Gently dust or vacuum with care.
  2. Wet out rug with cool water and Rayon Rug Shampoo mixed at two ounces per gallon.
    Apply to both sides of rug. Allow two or three minutes of dwell time.
  3. If colors/dyes crock off, apply Anti Dye heavily.
  4. Apply Rayon Rug Shampoo mixed at eight ounces per gallon. Apply to both sides,
    including fringes.
  5. Work in with rotary, Cimex, hand brush or other method, to shampoo into rug.
  6. Rinse with cold, clear water until rinse water is clear.
  7. Squeegee, roll, ring out, extract, centrifuge or use other method to remove as much
    excess water as reasonably possible.
  8. Groom pile with the primary lay of the pile.
  9. Speed dry the rug. Rayon is very slow drying and some will brown or discolor during
    drying.Speed dry as soon as possible. Dry upside down to prevent browning to the face.
    If hanging to dry, ensure proper spacing to avoid rugs flapping against one another.
  10. After drying, groom again, going with the primary and secondary lay of the pile.
  11. If the rug pile is stiff or distorted, lightly apply Silky Soft Solution and groom again. If
    yarn slippage is an issue, use the hand wash brush for silk to groom.
  12. Tactfully advise the customer to never buy rayon rugs again.

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