Wilton Rugs



  1. Always inspect and pretest. Document and photograph. Note all pre-existing damage.
  2. Check for yellowing and browning.
  3. Look for jute in backing as it will likely brown when cleaned.
  4. Hems tend to come unglued at each end. Quote repair cost before cleaning.


Cleaning procedures:

  1. Dust rug.
  2. Pre-wet rug with diluted Rug Soure, front and back.
  3. Apply diluted LST, or if if pre-existing browning is is present, use diluted Problem Reducing Shampoo.
  4. Work in with shampooer, Cimex, hand brush, or other method, front and back.
  5. Flush rinse rug with cold, clear water, front and back, until rinse water is clear.
  6. (A) Squeegee, roll, ring out, extract or centrifuge to remove excess water. 
    (B) If using centrifuge, make sure to layer with thick pad to prevent dye stamping and dimpling.
    (C) If using flatbed washer or other system, run through as normal.
  7. Groom entire rug.
  8. (A) Speed dry, If rug has jute backing, dry flat with face side down. Add air flow to jute backing.
    (B) If drying on poles, anchor on pole at the border to prevent pole marks.

Note: If colors are migrating add a rinse cycle of Dye Release solution to rinse away color contamination.


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