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AntiDye prevents dyes from getting onto undyed fibers and adjacent colors during cleaning. Great to have on hand when colors start to unexpectedly move. Just pour on, work in, and watch colors rinse off and go down the drain. If, or should we say when, colors start to migrate during washing, just apply AntiDye solution as soon as you see it. You can apply it right with your cleaning solution, then, rinse away the loose dyes.

AntiDye solution is a useful “first in” product. If your inspection and testing reveals dye crocking issues, use AntiDye to wet out the rug after dusting. Apply diluted AntiDye (mix at 6.4 ounces per gallon of cool water or 32 ounces per 5 gallons) over both sides of the rug, saturate and work solution in with hand brush or other tool. AntiDye can work its way into the dye sites of the fibers and fill them up so there is no room for a loose, crocking dyes.

AntiDye works best on fibers with dye sites like wool, silk and nylon. If colors continue to migrate, apply more AntiDye solution and rinse until water runs clear. AntiDye does more than just fill up the dye sites, it has a few more tricks up its sleeve.

AntiDye increases the pH to make it more difficult for the acid dyes to ionically bond to the fibers. It also changes the redox balance, so that the crocking dyes do not function well. AntiDye has divalent (++) cations which the crocking dyes can bond to, instead of the fibers, so that they just rinse off the rug and flow down the drain. AntiDye makes rug washing so much easier. You can save both time and money. Plus your clients will love how the rugs look after you wash them.

Click Here to Visit the AntiDye Product Page and Learn More