Braided Rugs




  1. Pre-inspect entire rug for splits and dimensional stability.
  2. If damaged, repair before cleaning. Quote repair costs before cleaning.
  3. If the core of the braid is made of paper, the paper will buckle and may bleed into the face
    fibers when wet cleaned. Get a written release before cleaning.
  4. If cores are paper, low moisture clean with an upholstery tool. Do not get the paper wet.
  5. Check for color fastness. High potential for bleeding.
  6. Note on paperwork if rug does not lay flat.

Cleaning procedures:

  1. Dust rug. Do not use a tumble duster or other aggressive dusting tool. Air dust or
    vacuum only.
  2. Spray with diluted rug soure to stabilize dyes on both sides.
  3. Pre-spray with Fringe Pre Treatment (Sublime) if oily soil is present.
  4. Shampoo with LST on both sides. Rug is reversible.
  5. Fresh water rinse top and bottom ‘no squeegees’ rinse until water runs clear.
    A. Extract, wring out, roll or centrifuge to remove excess water.
    B. If rug is dimensionally stable, run through flatbed washer with brushes. But If not
    stable, no brushes.
  6. Speed dry, do not hang to dry. Flat dry with air movers on floor or rack.