Composite Rugs

Photo Credit: Megan Mayville


  1. Always inspect and pretest. Complete pre-inspection form and photograph rug. Note all pre-Existing conditions, including:
  2. Susceptible to dimensional distortion.
  3. Susceptible to shrinkage.
  4. Seams may become more noticeable or even peak due to shrinkage.
  5. Inspect for seam failure.
  6. Advise customer that the backing will likely shrink and have them sign a release of liability
  7. Get customers approval for seam repairs.
  8. If the rug has natural fibers in the backing, consider stay-tacking and include in cost of

Cleaning procedures:

  1. Air dust or vacuum, do not run through tumble or strap duster.
  2. Wet out rug with cold, clear water or other appropriate solution I.E. Anti Dye, Rug Soure
    Fringe Pre Treatment, etc.
  3. Apply LST solution or other fiber specific shampoo over entire rug, top pile only. Avoid
    wetting out back.
  4. Work in with hand brush, shampooer or Cimex.
  5. Flush top of rug with water and squeegee or use weighted roller to remove contaminants.
  6. If using a flatbed washer, run through with top rinse jets only
  7. Squeegee, roll, ring out, extract, centrifuge or use other method to remove excess water.
  8. Groom rug.
  9. Do NOT hang to dry.
  10. Lay face-up. Speed dry with air overs, in dry room.