Felt Rugs



1. Always inspect and pretest. Document and photograph. Note all pre-existing damage.

2. Possibility of shrinkage (more felting).

3. Do not over agitate, especially in one given area.

4. Possible texture damage and color removal.

5. Look for thin areas, where a hole can form from heavy agitation or high water pressure.

Cleaning procedures:

1. Air dust or vacuum only. Do not send through the duster.

2. Lightly spray entire rug with Sublime.

3. Work Sublime in with hand brush, do not over agitate.

4. Apply diluted LST over entire rug.

5. Work LST in with hand brush. Do not over agitate.

6. Rinse entire rug with cold clear water and squeegee off contaminants while flushing.

7. (a) Squeegee, roll, ring out, extract, or centrifuge or use other system to remove excess water.
(b) If using centrifuge, make sure to layer with thick pad to prevent dye stamping and dimpling.
(c) If using flatbed washer, run with brushes up.

8. Flat dry on floor or rack.