1. Always inspect and pre-test. Note all pre-existing damage. Document and photograph existing conditions.

2. Warn customer that paper rugs do not always survive cleaning. Washing expedites wear and tear of the rug. Paper rugs will only survive a few cleanings at best. Consider paper rugs as disposable rugs.

3. Do Not over wet, use bleach, dry clean, use aggressive agitation or tumble.

4. Susceptible to cellulosic browning. Avoid high pH and hot water.

5. Weak structural integrity. Look for dry rot and physical damage. Clean gently. Be careful not to damage the surface of the paper twine, never scrub or rub, blot only.

6. Look for watermarks and rings. Look for spots and stains.

7. Check for signs of shrinkage, dimensional distortion. Does the rug lay flat?

8. Inspect for mold. Does it smell musty?

9. Paper rugs do not respond well to cleaning, they are not cheap to replace. Have a release of liability signed before cleaning. Note on pre-inspection form and inform customer that browning, watermarking, rings or stains will not come out.

Cleaning procedures:

1. Dust rug. Air dust or vacuum only.

2. Surface clean only. Avoid agitation. Use minimum moisture.

3. Lightly prespray face pile of rug with diluted Cotton Rug Shampoo. Work in gently with a soft
hand brush.

4. Use and extractor to rinse away soils & cleaning solution. Turn down heat or turn off heat if possible. Turn down pressure and use a low moisture wand if available. Use only one or two wet passes, followed by three or four vacuum only passes.

5. Flat dry. Place rug face down on cotton towels or quilts. Use two or more layers. Use airflow across the rug to speed drying.

6. Gently groom pile.

7. For wicked-up stains, watermarks or cellulosic browning, use 3% hydrogen peroxide. Apply heavily to stained areas and feather into surrounding areas.

Optional method:

1. Dust rug as noted above.
2. Lightly prespray face pile of rug with diluted LST solution (8 ounces per gallon of cool, clear water). Do Not over wet.

3. Work in LST solution with a soft hand brush. Very gently work in all four directions.

4. Allow rug to dry completely. Eight hours or over night, possibly more.

5. Dry vacuum rug, or air dust.

6. Groom pile carefully.

7. Strongly recommend the application of Fluorosolve Rayon. Paper rugs need all the help that they can get.