1. Always inspect and pre-test. Document and photograph. Note all pre-existing damage.
  2. Inspect to determine the cause of color migration. Is it crocking, dye bleeding, both? Is it
    ink or stenciling?
  3. Test to determine which solution removes the color. Is it oxidation? Is it reduction? Is it
    solvent? Next determine the concentration required to destroy the color at its minimum. Do not go too strong. “First, do no harm”. Avoid using heat, as high temperature can over accelerate and cause blotchiness in appearance or worse, color, and fiber damage. Determine dwell time. These instructions are using Dye Stripper to remove color. Reduction should take about 5 to 10 minutes, if any faster, you’re using too strong of a concentration. Avoid using chlorine bleach. Only use chlorine bleach as a last resort, it must be neutralized immediately after using. Chlorine bleach can cause yellowing and fiber damage.
  4. Test for fiber(s) types.
  5. When using redox reactions to strip wash, you should balance the fibers afterwards. Use an
    oxidation reduction potential (ORP) meter to determine the balance value. Quote for this before washing.
  6. Do Not set expectations to be 100% perfection, only improvement.
  7. Have release of liability signed before washing.

Cleaning procedures:

  1. Dust rug.
  2. Wet out rug with Dye Release solution. Work in with hand, brush or other tool.
  3. Flood rinse with cold, clear water to flush out dyes if possible. If color is moving off rug,
    repeat if necessary. Use squeegee or roller.
  4. Apply Rug Resurrection to entire rug, pile and fringe evenly and rapidly to achieve even
    dwell time. Work in with hand, brush, or other tool.
  5. Apply Dye Stripper solution at your predetermined concentration to the worst area first
    and work your way to the least affected areas. Work in with a hand brush or other
  6. Observe attentively for color reduction. It should take about 5 to 10 minutes to reduce
    colors. Continue to apply solution and work in until the colors look good. Stop at 10
    minutes no matter what. Do Not try for 100% perfection, try for improvement (80% or
    90%) do not over shoot.
  7. Rinse with cool, clear water to flush away chemicals and stop the reaction. Work in the
    rinse, water and squeegee.
  8. If colors remain, apply dye stripper at increasing strength. Observe background colors and
    stop if you see color damage. Do not exceed 10 minutes of dwell time. Repeat if
    necessary. Rinse each time.
  9. After rinsing, squeegee, roll, wring out, or extract to remove excess water. If using
    centrifuge, make sure to completely cover rug with absorbent cotton towels or quilts
    to prevent dye transfer “tattooing” during spinning.
  10. Measure the oxidation reduction potential with ORP meter. If reading is below 400
    millivolts, apply Ancient Secret Formula solution to the pile of the rug to balance the
    value (about 500 millivolts) and to remove stripper odor. Apply after drying.
  11. Flat dry rug in sunlight, if possible, even if cloudy. Sunlight will help with the colors. Do not
    hang dry.
  12. Groom with pile lay after applying Ancient Secret Formula solution.