Triple Deodorizing Shampoo

Triple Deodorizing Rug Shampoo

Completely removing urine contamination, and its secondary damage, like odor, has
always been difficult. And still can be. It is so difficult that one of our high-volume rug
washers told me that he was sick & tired of washing urine soaked rugs and he was
thinking of subcontracting all of them out to a competitor. He was frustrated with the
customer complaints, the redos, the overnight soakings, the bottleneck that they
were causing in his work flow and the accompanying secondary damage, like color
bleeding. We said, hold on, because as much as 80% of rugs, have urine
contamination and other odor issues. Let’s just figure out how to solve this issue and
not throw in the towel. We told him to give us some time to come up with a solution
as this is very difficult. Just think of all the problems that urine can cause; Odors may
be the first thing that comes to mind, but, it is much more than just odors. There is
also gross contamination and germs. Fresh urine is normally slightly acidic, but, as
time goes by urine turns more and more alkaline. This higher pH can, and does affect
the acid dyes found in many, if not most area rugs. Color bleeding, crocking and hue
change can be caused by urine contamination. Higher pH can also damage protein
fibers like wool and silk themselves. The salt content of urine is normally significant,
and salt is hygroscopic, repeated urine “accidents” can both lead to long-term
dampness. Which in turn can lead to dry rot on cellulosic fibers. This damage is not
reversible without reweaving or replacement. This also adds fungus to the
contamination issues. The rug can also become stiff with contamination along with
white salt rings. Tufted rugs can delaminate because of urine contamination. And
urine contains yellow dye (urochrome or urobilin) which can permanently stain the
fibers yellow.

Before too long, we came up with an answer for our good customer, Triple
Deodorizing Rug Shampoo. But, as you can see, urine contamination is very difficult,
so we also needed Urine PreTreatment to help us out. When we first came out with
these two solutions, we thought that this one customer would buy it along with
maybe a few other rug washers. But we were wrong, Triple Deodorizing Rug
Shampoo has become our top selling solution! Wow! It really does work!

How does it work so good? As you already know, the first step in deodorizing
is removal of the source of the odor. Triple Deodorizing Rug Shampoo does a great
job at removing odor molecules. No molecules, no odor. Triple Deodorizing Rug
Shampoo not only a great cleaner, but it is also a deodorizer, not a cleaner with a
deodorizer added, but a real deodorizer itself. Big difference. For a deodorizer to
work, it must physically touch the odor molecule, every molecule, for it to be
completely effective. Therefore, delivery of the deodorizer becomes extremely
important. Just spraying something onto the surface will not be sufficient. Just
adding 5%, 10%, or 15% of a deodorizer to your cleaner will not be adequate enough.
Covering the surface of the fibers is not acceptable. It must penetrate into each
fiber. It must force its way into every knot, into every yarn, into every fiber. The
deodorizing molecules must physically touch every odor molecule to be 100%
effective. The only way to accomplish this is to completely saturate the rug with a low
surface tension surfactant that is, itself a deodorizer. The physical agitation of
shampooing helps to deliver the solution into the fibers.

Triple Deodorizing Rug Shampoo also oxidizes away odors and contamination.
Oxidation is a well-known means of destroying odors and contamination.
Triple Deodorizing Rug Shampoo is more effective than bleaches, like hydrogen
peroxide, or even chlorine bleach, but it is not damaging to natural fibers and dyes.
The solvents in Triple Deodorizing Rug Shampoo also help to dissolve odors. Plus, the
cationic polarity is great for dealing with odors and contamination. These deodorizing
ingredients synergistically work together for great results on all types of odors.

Urine PreTreatment also helps in three ways. First, it liquefies old, dry urine
salts. If urine salts remain in the fibers, the odors will return. Cleaning the salts only
washes away the top layers of the crystalline structure. You must liquefy the old
urine salts to remove all of the odor. Second, Urine PreTreatment has deodorizing
agents of it’s own to help start the deodorizing process. These deodorizers are
different than those found in Triple Deodorizing Rug Shampoo. Third, Urine
PreTreatment contains an ingredient which accelerates the powerful action of Triple
Deodorizing Rug Shampoo. It is like steroids for Triple Deodorizing Rug Shampoo.
Urine PreTreatment is only needed on old urine, where salt residues are visible, or the
rug has become stiff from the salt residues. Used together, it is a one-two knock out
punch for old urine contamination.

Well, after our good, high-volume rug washer started using Triple Deodorizing
Rug Shampoo and Urine PreTreatment, his urine soaked rug washing problems
diminished by 95%. His work flow bottleneck was freed up. In fact, he offers a 100%
guarantee against all urine odors (as many of our customers do). He says that he
gets no complaints or redos on urine and most other odor issues. Offgassing odor
being the exception, including latex adhesive offgassing. Now, he loves urine
damaged rugs, well to a degree. Now he sees them as a moneymaking, success

Urine PreTreatment