Rayon Rug Shampoo


This solution is designed for use on rayon/viscose fibers. Many professional cleaning technicians have discovered that rayon/viscose textiles are low performing and difficult to work with. Many professionals “run from rayon” and refuse to work on them. So we designed Rayon Rug Shampoo to help solve some of the difficulties with these fibers.

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The proper chemistry for rayon/viscose

Rayon can be a pain to clean, so we made it easier for you. Wool, silk and other protein fibers are different than rayon, so chemicals make for most oriental rugs do not work well in rayon rugs. Synthetic fibers like nylon or polyester etc. are different than rayon, so chemicals made for man-made synthetic fibers do not work well on rayon. Regenerated cellulosic fibers like rayon respond better to alkaline pH unlike protein fibers. The polarity requirements of rayon are opposite to that of other fibers. Label instructions also have different procedures than other fiber types. Make sure to follow label instructions for noticeably improved results on rayon rugs. Make sure to follow label instruction # 8 “Tactfully advise the customer to never buy rayon rugs again”.

One Gallon l $29.95 l 05-1701

Also available in:

5 gallon pail l $134.95 l 05-1705
55 Gallon Drum l $1,335.95 l 05-1755