Looking for a miracle cleaner?

SubLime may be as close to a miracle cleaner as any solution can get!

Solvent Prespray...Apply undiluted to upholstery for both releasing oily soils and to provide a moisture barbier for water based cleaning, or use as a prespray when dry cleaning to improve results.

Solvent Booster...Add 6 ounces per gallon of water based solutions to boost cleaning performance in most cleaning situations.

Spot Remover...Dissolve grease, tar, body and hair oils, cosmetics, and other spots and stains.

Natural Deodorizer...Pleasent citrus fragrance is 100% natural, derived from citrus fruits.

Safe and Gentle...Bio-degradable, contains no chlorinated solvents. 100% free of alkalines, acids, or water. DANGER: Combustible liquid and vapor when used undiluted.

Technically Speaking...This non-butyl formula has a unique blend of solvents and nonionic surfactants which will increase cleaning results on almost anything from delicate antique fabrics to smoke damaged olefins. DO NOT overlook this solution!

One gallon $79.95 / 03-3301

Also available in:

5 gallon pail $349.95 / 03-3300