Ancient Secret Formula

Ever noticed that when you apply a deodorizer to a rug or carpet that it can feel different and resoil faster? This is because you are adding chemicals to the fibers and many deodorizing chemicals and disinfectants are “”sticky” chemicals. And this often causes rapid re-soiling. We
have a customer who sells a lot of carpet maintenance programs, both for residential and commercial. The technicians love selling deodorizing add-ons as they get a commission. The problem is that these carpets are getting deodorizer treatments several times per year. You
guessed it, they are getting dirty quicker. So we get the call about “sticky re-soiling carpet”, and explain, as above, if you add chemicals, you are going to get resoiling. So we get the response, to figure out how to get rid of odors, without re-soiling!

So as the weeks and months go by, I am teaching a deodorizing and decontamination seminar, and as I am explaining how to deodorize an HVAC system, you cannot leave respirable particles behind in the breathing zone, I come to a complete stop, with a long silence . . . you can only use deodorizers and disinfectants that do not leave behind a chemical residue. You can only use alcohol (too flammable), hydrogen peroxide (too much
bleaching) or chlorine dioxide. Then suddenly, as I am doing one thing, teaching, I also realize that I now know how to solve the re-soiling issue with deodorizing of rugs. Ancient Secret Formula is now ready to solve our deodorizing problems without leaving soil attracting residues and sticky textures behind.

Why does Ancient Secret Formula work so good? It does work fantastic by the way. Well, because it oxidizes away odors and stains without chemical residues. Yes, it does have “chlorine” in it, but the chlorine does not chlorinate the water. Chlorine bleach does chlorinate the water, so it causes damage to the fibers and dyes because it “chlorinates” the water. So chlorine bleach is bad, destructive, but, chlorine dioxide does not chlorinate the water as it remains as a gas, NOT chlorinating the water. It is the same as nitrogen, gas or carbon dioxide gas in water. We like carbonated water in our soda or pop, and we have nitrogen gas in our bloodstream. But these, like chlorine dioxide, remain a gas, not chemically part of the water,
but separate. This gas can do its work, and then gas off into the air not leaving any residue behind that cause issues. So now you can deodorize a rug without washing and rinsing afterwards. No worries about resoiling or chemical residues. It works so good as a deodorizer you will want to use it over so many lesser deodorizers even if you are going to wash or rinse afterwards. Ancient Secret Formula works fast and more effectively than common bacterial enzyme digester products. While especially good for urine odors, it works great on many different types of odors like: skunk, smoke, decay, feces, vomit, and musty odors.

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