1. Always inspect and pretest. Note all pre-existing damage. Document and photograph existing conditions.
  2. Check if the animal hair is rotten. If the hair is rotten, it will come off the skin when agitated.
  3. Is the skin stiff, dry, stained and or cracking?
  4. Is the fur oxidized (yellowed)? Animal fur is never white, Photograph fur with a white sheet of paper to show the degree of yellowing in a “before” photo.
  5. Is the fur matted?
  6. Do not use solvent; doing so may damage plastic eyes, tongue, teeth etc. and/or dry-out the skin.
  7. Avoid heat both when washing and drying.
  8. Never use alkaline cleaners, stay on the acid side. We strongly recommend L.S.T.
  9. Are skins sewn together? Be careful of the stitching.
  10. Fabric backings must be removed. Quote price for replacement.

Cleaning procedures:

  1. Do not run through duster or Badger.
  2. Air dust only, or beat face (hair side) with a stick or rug whip on pole, or turn rug upside down and have four people hold one of each corner and shake.
  3. After dusting apply diluted (50/50 with water) leather conditioner to skin side.
  4. Thoroughly flush with water, both sides
  5. Apply diluted L.S.T. solution and hand brush in over entire piece, both sides.
  6. Rinse with clean water.
  7. Use a weighted roller to push soil and shampoo off rug during rinse.
  8. If using a flat bed washer: (piece can have no head or paws) Run through washer on padding to prevent pin marks, with no brushes, no soap; only fresh water.
  9. Periodically during the drying process, roll skin side with roller to soften skin.
    Do not skip this step.
  10. Do not dry in a Dry Room – NO HEAT
  11. Dry skin side up with air mover on tack out floor on top of upholstery quilt.
  12. Reapply leather conditioner and roll to soften skin. Repeat if necessary.
  13. Groom hair side with a Flokati comb or Grandi Groomer.
  14. If pelt has yellowing: Spray with diluted “Urine, Odor and Stain Remover” (dilute to 3%, 3 parts water to 1 part “Urine, Odor and Stain Remover) and place in the sun to dry or use an ultraviolet light (UVA 315 to 400 nm). Check for color change every 15 minutes. Reapply if needed.

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