1. Always inspect and pretest. Document and photograph. Note all pre-existing damage
  2. Check for abrash and document.
  3. Test for crocking.
  4. Test for color bleeding. Quote for setting dyes.
  5. Check for fading. Look at the base of knots and compare to colors on the back. Quote for color repair and ultraviolet light protection with Fluorosolve.
  6. Look for white knots. Quote for repair.
  7. Look for yellowing or other color change. Look for tea dye.
  8. Inspect for previous repairs.
  9. Look and measure for irregular shape. Look for buckling, ripples, curled edges and holes.
  10.  Check for moth & beetle damage. Quote for moth proofing and repairs.
  11.  Look for physical damage. Quote for repairs.
  12.  Look for urine contamination, odors, salt residues, dry rot, color loss or bleeding, yellowing. Quote for treatments.
  13. Look for water damage, dry rot, mildew odor, mold growth, water stains, shrinkage, and or color bleeding.
  14. Inspect fringes. Damaged or discolored? Look at Kilim strip. Check if it is an applied fringe. Check for tea dye. Quote for repair or replacement, or whitening or tea dying.
  15. Check for special cleaning considerations: Heavy soil, odors, animal hair, soap residue, pH correction, redox balance, smoke damage, pet hair/ body oils, difficult stains I.E. paint, wax, ink, etc. Charge accordingly.
  16. Check wool for damage. Is it dried out? Is it brittle and are fibers breaking? Are the colors dull? Is the hand harsh? Quote for revitalizing the wool with Wool Rug Revitalizer.


Cleaning Procedures:

  1. Dust rug.
  2. If no color issues, wet out rug with cold, clear water.
  3. Apply diluted “Oriental Rug Shampoo” to entire rug including fringes, front and back.
  4. Work in with shampooer, hand brush or other method, front and back, including fringes.
  5. Allow a dwelling time of 20 to 30 minutes for the Oriental Rug Shampoo to break down and digest soil and stains.
  6. Flush rinse rug with cold, clear water front and back, until rinse water is clear.
  7. (A) Squeegee, role, ring out, extract or centrifuge to remove excess water.
    (B) If using a flatbed washer or other system, run through as normal.
  8. Straighten and comb fringes,
  9. Groom entire rug with the pile lay.
  10. Speed dry.

NOTE: If colors are migrating add a rinse cycle of dye release solution to rinse away
color contamination.