1. Always inspect and pre-test. Document and photograph. Note all pre-existing damage.
2. Hand loomed rugs have very weak construction. Just one cleaning, if not properly done,
can ruin the rug. In fact, many do not make it past manufacturing without needing
repairs. Look for glue around the edges.
3. Be careful when moving and handling the rug as it may come apart. Use two people or
more if possible.
4. Inspect for physical damage. Look for areas that have pulled away from each other.
5. Look for missing pile & “tufts”. Look for holes and voids.
6. Examine side and end cords. May be loose or weak. Be careful not to damage them as they
do not have much to attach themselves to.
7. Avoid aggressive agitation as it will likely pull out face pile yarns. Turn down air pressure
when air dusting as high pressure may blow out face pile yarns. Do not use vacuum
with brush agitation. Use suction only. Hand brush only. Do not pressure wash. Be
8. inspect for pilling and fusing as not much is holding fiber filaments in place. A light
adhesive coating may be on the back so be careful not to wash this thin coating away.
9. Have a release of liability signed before touching.

Cleaning procedures:

1. Dust rug. Use air dusting or vacuum with suction only. Be careful not to damage rug.
2. If no color issues, wet out with cool, clear water. Be careful no not damage rug with high
water pressure.
3. Apply Oriental Rug Shampoo to entire rug front and back. Be careful to not rip the rug
when flipping over.
4. Work in diluted shampoo with a hand brush. Be careful not to dislodge face fibers, or push
off side cords. Try not to scrub off backing adhesive.
5. Allow a dwell time of 20 to 30 minutes for the Oriental Rug Shampoo to break down and
digest soils and stains.
6. Flood rinse rug with cool, clear water. Front and back until water runs clear. Be careful not
to rip rug when flipping over.
7. (A) Squeegee, role, wring out, extract or centrifuge to remove excess water, be careful to
not damage rug with any aggressive agitation.
(B) If running through a flat bed washer or other system, run with brushes up.
8. Groom pile with pile lay. Be careful to not brush out pile yarns or push off side cords or
9. Speed dry. Be careful to not rip rug when moving to the dry room. You can hang dry, but,
make sure to use spring clips in several areas to prevent rug from flapping too much
which may damage the rug. It may be wise to flat dry.
Note: if colors are migrating add a rinse cycle of Dye Release solution to rinse away
color contamination.