Navajo Rugs


  1. Always inspect and pretest. Document and photograph. Note all pre-existing damage.
  2. Plan on color bleeding. Look for pre-existing color migration. Test all colors for crocking
    and bleeding. Look and test for ink on dark colors and side cords. Quote for DyeFix.
  3. Inspected for damage. Quote for repairs.
  4. Have release of liability form signed.
  5. Work quickly. Wash Navajo, rugs, fast and efficiently.

Cleaning Procedures:

  1. Dust rug. Air dust or vacuum only.
  2. Treat entire rug, front and back with DyeFix for Wool solution. Work in with hand brush
    give at least 10 minute dwell time, more if possible. Do not apply Dyefix if there is
    pre-existing color migration.
  3. Treat entire rug, front and back, with AntiDye solution. Apply heavily. Work in with hand
  4. Rinse to remove any loose dyes, rinse lightly and quickly, unless color is moving off rug.
    Reapply AntiDye solution if colors are migrating and continue to rinse.
  5. Apply Navajo Rug Cleaner solution to entire rug, front and back. Work in with hand brush.
  6. Rinse both sides. No squeegees. Rinse until water runs clear, if color still migrates, apply
    more AntiDye solution and rinse again. Repeat if necessary.
  7. Extract, ring out, roll, or centrifuge to remove excess water. If using centrifuge, make sure
    to completely cover with absorbent cotton towels or quilts to prevent dye transfer
    (tattooing) onto rug.
  8. Speed dry. Because dyes can possibly migrate during drying, flat dry on cotton towels, or
    quilts. Place on top of two or more layers of cotton material, add two or more layers of cotton material on top of rug, with air flow (without blowing off the cotton material). Use heat,
    dehumidification, or other method to speed drying.