Needle Point Rugs


1. Always inspect and pretest. Document and photograph. Note all pre-existing damage including:
2. Check the foundation for splits or discoloration.
3. Look to see if the rug lays flat. Look for buckling.
4. Note if the rug is out of square.
5. Look for yarn snags or runs. Quote repairs.
6. Check for loose or weak sewn-on fringe. Quote repairs.
7. Check for dry rot in the foundation.
8. Look for stencil ink.
9. Have a release of liability signed before cleaning.
10. Test for bleeding and crocking.

Cleaning Procedures:

1. Dust rug. Air dust or use a vacuum only.
2. Wet out rug with cool, clear water. If the rug fails the crocking test, wet out with diluted AntiDye, If it fails the bleeding test, wet out with diluted Dye Release solution.
3. Apply diluted LST over entire face pile of rug. Do not apply to backing.
4. Work in with hand brush or use shampooer or other tool if the rug can take it. Face pile and fringe only, not on backing.
5. Rinse rug with cool, clear water front and back, until water runs clear.
6. Roll, extract or centrifuge to remove excess water. Do not use rug squeegee,
7. If using flat bed washer, run with brushes up or on a very light setting.
8. Apply diluted Rug Soure solution to the backing only.
9. If shrinkage is a concern, tack-out during drying.
10. Dry rug face down on cotton towels or quilts.
11. Use air movers to speed drying.
12. Groom pile and fringes.