Resist Pre-Treatment


Do not allow pests and their eggs into your vehicle, shop or rug inventory. Resist PreTreatment is a minimum risk pesticide for wool and silk rugs. It is an antimicrobial deodorizer too. Guaranteed to work.


Protects valuable rugs & carpets.
Kills moths. Can you imagine having a moth infestation in your rug shop? Or worse, having a customer’s rug pick up pests while in your care? What should you do? Kill them. Use our minimum risk pesticide, Resist PreTreatment. It is a EPA (FIFRA) exempt pesticide. It kills moths. It kills odor causing bacteria. It kills other some other pests too, including carpet beetles, bed bugs, fleas, and spiders. Made from “green” stuff, essential oils, surfactants, and food preservatives. Your environmentalist and tree huggers will love it.

Gallon $39.95